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The BEST work from home opportunity

Updated: Apr 29

The very first online job opportunity I am going to talk about is Appen. In my experience, Appen is the best work from home job opportunity that I have ever come across so far. They have their main corporate headquarter in Australia. They also have headquarters in US, UK, Philippines and China.

So, Appen is basically a company that provides training data for Artificial Intelligence. Topmost companies likes Amazon, Microsoft, Adobe etc have partnered with Appen for their various projects based on Artificial Intelligence.

Appen serves these companies by collecting AI training data. And that is where we come into play. When we apply to Appen and get selected by them, we are one of their independent flexible contractor. Appen has around 1 million flexible contractors worldwide.

Appen has a variety of jobs like proper longer term part-time projects, micro tasks, transcription and several surveys and data collection. In case you are looking for a full time job, then you can get selected more than one of their part-time projects and get full-time income. No qualification is required for getting accepted though some of their jobs may need a special qualification like for example being a linguist. But most of their jobs do not need any qualification although being a graduate in any field is a desirable trait. Although, you do not need any qualification, for almost all of their longer term part-time jobs, they will provide you with proper study materials, you have to study, pass their exams and then get the job. For micro tasks and some one-off data collection tasks that are not long-term no test or study is necessary, just follow their instructions, complete the tasks and get paid.

The process of getting on with Appen is simple.

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Sign up for an account. You then get immediate access to their dashboard. On the dashboard you can browse through all the projects that are available. You can read the description of each project on their dashboard. Then you can apply for all the projects that you are interested in. Once they select you, you get an email on your registered email id with details about the particular project. The long term part-time projects do need exams.

Advantages of Working With Appen

1. Anybody older than 18 years can apply

2. Flexible online part-time job with no set hours, you can work anytime, from anywhere as per your convenience

3. The pay is quite good

4. They offer online jobs in almost all countries

5. Their work platform is transparent where you can track how many hours you have worked and get paid accordingly.


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In my next article, I will share my personal experience with Appen. Information about more legit and real work from home opportunities will be posted. So, subscribe to my blog and get notified when I post articles like these!

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